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What Is Chiropractic?
Chiropractors specialize in the analysis, detection and correction of spinal subluxations.  Spinal "subluxations" is a term chiropractors use to describe a bone out of alignment, putting pressure on a nerve and the tissue that the nerve controls.


Our Practice


With your personalized chiropractic care plan you will be given a structured care plan that will guide you out of pain and allow you to start living again.We specialize in gentle chiropractic corrective care.  By gently realigning your spine and taking pressure off of your nerves, this will allow communication between your brain and each individual organ, tissue, gland, muscle and cell. Thus allowing the communication from those cells back to your brain for optimal and total function. Your body is in control of healing and when there is a disconnect between your brain and your organs, tissues, glands, muscles and cells, health can never be at its optimum. 


Dr. James Pizzuto uses the "whole person approach" when taking care and educating patients. He uses the most recent, state-of-the-art, hands-on adjusting techniques specific to each individual patients needs. Dr. Pizzuto believes that each patient has the full potential for complete and absolute health.

Our staff members are caring and highly trained assistants that pride themselves on delivering the highest quality health-care service. They will work hard for you to assure individual attention, a speedy and enjoyable visit to our office so that you can get on with your day and live life to its fullest!


Meet The Doctor:


Dr. James R. Pizzuto, D.C.


Dr. James Pizzuto was born in Austin Texas on February 14, 1962. He traveled extensively with his military family and has livied in Florida, California, Ohio, Virginia, England and Germany. His interests growing up included Boy Scouts, Soccer, Key Club, Drama and assisting in helping charities with fund raising and blood drives.

Dr. Pizzuto has dedicated his life to the service of others in his work with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller, in the military as an Officer and Pilot in the United States Air Force and in his life’s ambition as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. He attended Life University in Atlanta, Georgia and has participated in numerous extracurricular studies including Extremity, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy and the Research Department where studies were conducted showing the positive effect of Chiropractic on the Immune System. This additional training and the opportunity to work and study with numerous Doctors of Chiropractic have given Dr. Pizzuto experience in the treatment, detection and correction of Spinal & Extremity Biomechanical Misalignments effecting the Neurological, Biomechanical, Organic and other Body Systems, accomplished through Chiropractic Treatments and Techniques. 




• Doctor of Chiropractic , Life University, Atlanta GA
Research Department Clinician
Extra Studies in Techniques: Toggle, Full Spine, Activator, Thompson, Extremity, Pediatrics, First Responders
280 Extra Hours of Physical Therapy twice the hours required for licensure in Florida and Georgia
, Fl.
•    Associate Arts Degree, Tallahassee Comm. College, Tallahasse
• Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
•    Aviation Business Administration Airport Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Fl.
•    Air Traffic Control Academy, Federal Aviation Administration, Oklahoma City, OK
•    United States Air Force OTSchool Medina, San Antonio, TX
•    Pilot United States Air Force, Williams AFB, Arizona

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